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The corkGRAN is subdivided into two large families. These are the Broken and the Gran.


icon seta1     Thermal and acoustic insulation properties

icon seta1     Green building

icon seta1     Guarantee of durability of the solutions

icon seta1     Health solutions

icon seta2     Structures weight

icon seta2     Transport difficulties



The corkROLL consists of granules of small size and large particle sizes, is supplied in roll form, as shown in the picture.


icon seta1     Natural Look

icon seta1     Usability – bulletin board

icon seta1     Thermal confort

icon seta1     Absorption of impact sounds


cortiPAN iconce


Chipboard cork for thermal and acoustic insulation.


icon seta1     Thermal inertia of buildings and relative                humidity (RH)

icon seta1     Fire resistance and low gases release

icon seta1     Sound absorption and consequent noise                reduction

icon seta2     Energy consumption, with reduction of the                temperature range