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Dinis Oliveira & Filhos, S.A.  – DOFcork – was established in 1987 as a joint-stock trading. Its founder, Mr. Dimas Dinis Alves had already had an enormous experience in the sector, as the company was the result of another cork company that he had with his brother, and which was established in 1953. Its main business was the preparation of cork, the production of stoppers and natural cork sheets.

Initially the company appeared in a perspective of internationalization, over time has come to alter its product range but always with a view to prosecution of what the market wants and always well marked international perpective.

Nowadays, DOFcork produces granulated cork, cork plates (cortiPAN in several dimensions and specifications) and cork rolls. This products are used for many sectors, civil construction, automotive, aviation, footwear, wine, electrical component, decoration, among others.

The company has as main directors Dra. Rosa Maria Alves, Mr. Dimas Manuel Alves and Dra. Rosário Moreira, who have been trying to improve the company´s performance paying special attention to the development of the competences of their collaborators/co-workers and promote a good knowledge in areas like internationalization, Marketing, Human Resources and Quality/Quality Control.