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cortiPAN – Chipboard cork for thermal and acoustic insulation.

icon seta1     Thermal inertia of buildings and relative humidity (RH)

icon seta1     Fire resistance and low gases release

icon seta1     Sound absorption and consequent noise reduction

icon seta2     Energy consumption, with reduction of the temperature range

Born from the need of recycling the scraps of cork, cortiPAN has been affirmed as the best natural insulation currently used in the construction sector. Through processes of grinding and cleaning properly staged, the cork grains are pressed and agglomerated at high temperature. This system allows the cork cells to mantain all their characteristics (living cells filled with air that allow the replacement of volume), and making of it the best natural insulator around the world.

According to rigorous tests carried by LNEC (National Laboratory of Civil Engineering) cortiPAN is the best acoustic absorbent. Classified in the group M2 as far as fire reaction is concerned, there is evidence that it is a non-chemical insulator, which consequently retards the development of flames.

cortiPAN plates are a good thermal insulator (either for cold or heat) being also an excellent absorbent of damp. It is undoubtedly, the best material against damp.

According to our technical register, the use of cortiPAN between walls, on in the exterior, using the ETICS system, in the ceiling or in the roof has been considered the best thermal and acoustic process of insulation between the rooms of the same apartment and almost 100% efficient between different apartments and hotel rooms.

Obviously that we are referring to a NATURAL and biodegradable insulator.



CorkROLL floor application

Aplicação do Rolo em pavimentoAplicação do Rolo em pavimento

CortiPAN between walls

Aplicação entre paredes interiAplicação entre paredes interi

Structural elements application

Aplicações em elementos estrutAplicações em elementos estrut

Interior roof insulation

Aplicações em tectosAplicações em tectos

CortiPAN floor application

Aplicações no pavimentoAplicações no pavimento

Other applications

Outras aplicaçõesOutras aplicações

CortiPAN ETICS preparation

Revestimento exteriorRevestimento exterior

How to apply ETICS system

Sistema ETICSSistema ETICS