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The corkGRAN is subdivided into two large families. These are the Broken and the Gran.

icon seta1     Thermal and acoustic insulation properties

icon seta1     Green building

icon seta1     Guarantee of durability of the solutions

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Broken is obtained by crushing and sieving the cork, their dimensions vary between 2 and 14 mm. The fragments of cork granules are obtained by grinding dimensions between 0.25 and 8 mm. Either crushed or aggregates are always sorted by granulumetria and density.

This product is primarily used in construction for thermal and acoustic insulation (filling spaces, mixed with mortars, etc..) And for production of agglomerated cork.

At the commercial level this product is presented with a wide range of particle sizes and densities, whose purpose is always appropriate to the needs of the customer, whether the footwear industry, stoppers, automotive, shipbuilding, among others.

The corkGRAN is used in various purposes. From Manufacturing to construction industry, passing through their use in synthetic lawns, this product due to its natural characteristics, has shown tremendous versatility.

We highlight the use of this product for the manufacture of lightweight concrete, which has high insulation capabilities, as evidenced by the stringent tests performed in LNEC.